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  • Rapid Imaging: The Fast & the Furious: Research Perspective 

       The ISMRM 2019 Annual Meeting Sunrise Educational Session (Advanced MSK MRI         Acquisition & Post-Processing)


  • Motion-Resolved Continuous MRI

       The ISMRM 2019 Annual Meeting Member-Initiated Symposium (Beyond Space &             Time: The Power of Extra Dimensions in MRI)

  • Rapid and Continuous MRI, how can we GRASP more?

       Mount Sinai School of Medicine 2019 TMII Frontiers of Imaging Seminar Series

  • Extra-Dimensional MRI

       The 2019 International Biomedical and Astronomical Signal Processing (BASP)                   Frontiers workshop, Switzerland

  • Cardiovascular MRI: Rapid Continuous Acquisition

2017 ISMRM annual meeting Sunrise Educational Session

  • Overview on Accelerated Cardiac Cine Imaging Methods 

ISMRM Workshop on Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Cardiac Function, New York, USA, 17-20 August 2017

  • Rapid, Continuous and Comprehensive Imaging: A New Paradigm for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The University of Utah, 2017 Imaging Elevated Symposium

  • Grasping the GRASP

The 5th CIBM-CHUV (the Center for Biomedical Imaging at the the University Hospital of the Canton de Vaud) MR Retreat, 2017

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