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      Invited Review Paper
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      Top 20 Most Downloaded MRM Paper from 2017-2018
20. Piekarski E, Chitiboi T, Ramb R,Latson LA, Bhatla P, Feng L, Axel L. "Two-dimensional XD-GRASP provides better          image quality than conventional 2D cardiac cine MRI for patients who cannot suspend respiration"
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      Invited Review Paper
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      2017 ISMRM I. I. Rabi YIA Award
15. Piccini D*, Feng L*, Bonanno G, Coppo S, Yerly J, Lim RP, Schwitter J, Sodickson DK, Otazo R, Stuber M. “Four-              dimensional respiratory motion-resolved whole heart coronary MR angiography
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      * co-first author
      Editor’s Picks, 2017 April Issue
14. Piekarski E, Chitiboi T, Ramb R, Feng L, Axel L. “Use of self-gated radial cardiovascular magnetic resonance to                detect and classify arrhythmias (atrial fibrillation and premature ventricular contraction)
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      Magn Reson Med. 2016 Feb;75(2):775-88

      Editor’s Picks, 2016 February Issue

      Top 10 Most Downloaded MRM Articles in 2015

      Top 10 Most Downloaded MRM Articles in 2016

      Top 10 Most Cited MRM Articles in 2016

      Top 1st Most Cited MRM Articles from 2016 announced at the 2019 ISMRM Annual Meeting

11. Chandarana H, Feng L, Ream J, Wang Annie, Babb JS, Block KT, Sodickson DK, Otazo R. “Respiratory Motion-               Resolved Compressed Sensing Reconstruction of Free-Breathing Radial Acquisition for Dynamic Liver MRI
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      Magn Reson Med. 2014 Sep;72(3):707-17

      Editor’s Picks, 2014 September Issue;

      Top 3rd Most Cited MRM Articles from 2014 announced at the 2017 ISMRM Annual Meeting

8.   Chandarana H, Feng L, Block KT, Rosenkrantz AB, Lim RP, Chu D, Sodickson DK, Otazo R. “Free-Breathing                    Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI of the Liver with Radial Golden-Angle Sampling Scheme and Advanced                          Compressed-Sensing Reconstruction
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      Magn Reson Med.  2013 Jul; 70(1): 64-74
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1.   Feng L, Donnino R, Babb J, Axel L, Kim D. “Numerical and in vivo validation of fast cine displacement-encoded with         stimulated echoes (DENSE) MRI for quantification of regional cardiac function
      Magn Reson Med. 2009 Sep;62(3):682-90
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